Sunday, July 29, 2012

They say patience is a vertue.

My next appointment with my oral surgeon is in three weeks and time just feels like it is dragging along! During this next appointment I will get to find out what exactly they will be doing during my surgery, but most importantly they are going to be sending off my insurance pre-authorizations. My surgery can't get scheduled until the authorizations are approved, even though my surgery was already approved for the surgeon in Seattle, the process has to start all over with my new surgeon. I'm starting to get really antsy about the whole thing; I just want more answers! It could also be because all I think about now is my surgery or because it seems like a lot of people have had a lot of hang-ups due to their insurance, probably both.

In the mean time I have just did my first video for my YouTube channel. I need to occupy myself somehow, even if it is still surgery related. Tell me what you think. :)


  1. When I was initially approved, it was tentative. Basically they said "Yes we can do your surgery, but not until your teeth are ready." The orthodontist predicted 6-8 months before I'd be ready and the surgeons agreed. It took 16 months to be surgery-ready though, so when I started I thought it would be a 12-14 month process. It's now been over 2 years. I'm months post-surgery and STILL finishing my braces - a couple of stubborn teeth. I also was told it would be an estimated 2-3 months after surgery and then braces off haha (I'm also still adjusting to the changes in the way my face looks and feels but no one really notices, only me when I touch it, wash up, put makeup on, etc, It's not bad, just an adjustment process).... I'm still glad I did it though. You will be too :-)

    1. I don't think I've read/watched people that have gone through jaw surgery that regret going through the experience, which is a good sign. I remember watching your videos on YouTube, they were very helpful and informative. What's the status on your jaw surgery playbook? I was looking on the website for it, but a lot of the links weren't working.