Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Singing a new tune.

I know this morning I wrote a post bashing on the rubber bands, but I have already noticed some movement and that has gotten me excited! Just take a look at the before and after pictures. Please excuse any food in my braces, it happens. 

What was I thinking?

Yesterday I did end up leaving my ortho appointment with rubber bands to wear to close the space between my teeth, but I had no idea that they were going to suck so bad. Last night I put them in really right like the assistant told me and ended up taking them out at some point last night while I was have asleep, I probably ended up swallowing one I'm the process. I'm hoping that with time it will get easier to put them in and that I'll forget they are there. One annoying thing that happened at my appointment was that the assistant noticed that u was missing/broke the part of my bracket on one of my K9s and didn't fix it so when I tried to put my bands in on my left side like she taught me, I couldn't. I called them and she said to go back in to have them put something on my wire by that tooth. What I don't understand was why she didn't do that in the first place. Also I wasn't able to ask my orthodontist when he thinks I'll be brace free. I'm going in for another adjustment in four weeks and will ask him then, I doubt he'll be available when I go back in for them to fix  their mistake. 

Until then. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

9 weeks post-op

Today marks nine days since my jaw surgery and overall life is pretty normal. Chewing has getting easier and easier. The only time I have pain chewing is when I try to chew something that requires more jaw movement, like moving it to the side. I have to admit that I rarely do my jaw exercises and they are going to get harder to do once I get my rubber bands put in. Stretching my jaw hurts!! I can finally open mouth two fingers wide. I heard from another fellow jaw surgery patient that her surgeon told her that how ever wide you can open your mouth six months post surgery is how wide you'll be able to open your mouth for the rest of your life, talk about motivation!!! 

I have an appointment with my orthodontist tomorrow afternoon for an adjustment and I'm expecting to leave with my rubber bands in place to finally close the space between my back teeth. I don't really pay much attention to my face, but I can tell that the left side of my face is more swollen than the other. My nose is also still unturned a little, which is expected. One funny thing I've noticed, also slightly annoying, when I smile really big my left side is lower than the right due to that part of the lip is completely numb. 

Until next time. -E