Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Five Weeks!

On Friday I had my first real appointment with my orthodontist post surgery and it went ok. My mouth was definitely pulled more than I would have liked it to be, but the final product was me free of my surgical wires and that's all that I wanted. I guess I should meant that when I saw my surgeon last Wednesday he kinda wasn't all for that and said he'll just send a letter to my orthodontist. I have noticed that my splint has been harder to take off on one side, can probably blame that on the new wire. I'm just going to make sure not wear my splint more religiously to make sure nothing bad happens. I have five more weeks to wear my splint. On May 6th I'll be able to eat whatever and on May 20th I will be splint free!!!!

No more surgical hooks!!!

Bite from Right Side
Bite from Left Side

Bite from the front
Current Opening

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