Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How's that bite?

Finally a real post (a short one, but still) and not a video after surgery! I just sitting and thinking about my surgery and if it has been worth it only three weeks in and it's definitely not a no, but I haven't had my aha moment yet. I think the main reason why is because I'm hungry for REAL food and right now the jaw surgery is holding me back! Lol. I know that this will be correct is a few weeks, but I'm ready to feel like my old self again and proper nutrition is part of it. I do like my side profile though. :)

Another problem I have is that my teeth don't meet like they are suppose to. None of my back teeth meet at the moment, gaps on either side, which is kind of ironic because prior to surgery those were the only teeth that did meet. Just wanted to share. I have my one month post op appointment next Wednesday and I'll see what my surgeon says. I know I'll be put in elastics to help correct the problem and I'm hoping it's a tolerable experience. A part of me wonders if my surgeon moved my lower jaw forward one mm too much and that's why I can't bite down correctly....I'll ask. :)

Until next time fellow bloggers. 


  1. I'm pretty sure I remember asking Evan each week whether he thought it was worth it yet or not. It took quite a long time. Of course he knew it WAS worth it but mentally and physically it's exhausting! Keep reminding yourself that yes it is worth it, even if you don't get that aha moment until much later!! stay positive :]

  2. Hey! I just wanted to send you a little message of encouragement. I am 16 wks post-op, I had a Lefort I to correct an Open bite as well as SARPE. I remember being SO frustrated and sad after surgery because it seemed to screw up my bite more than fix it. My back teeth didn't touch for a long time after surgery and even now only my left side touches fully. I had many check-up appointments with my surgeon and my orthodontist and I would cry in every single one of them...I cried A LOT! It was really hard for me to believe that it was all a part of their plan and that braces would correct the new bite problems I was experiencing with my back teeth. The only elastics I was in was to address some relapse concerns with my front teeth, braces are correcting the issues with my back teeth slowly but surely. You've come so far, hang in there and try to trust that the professionals know what they are doing. I know that is so much easier said than done! My teeth aren't perfect yet but I know they will be eventually and yours will be too. You'll know it's worth it when you catch yourself smiling like you never did before. :)