Sunday, January 27, 2013

35 days to go...

Yesterday I found myself wanting tons of YouTube videos on people getting their braces off. I don't know why I am doing that to myself, I haven't even had my surgery yet for Pete's sake! I can't believe my surgery is only 5 weeks away. I'm starting to get really nervous and I hate it! I have two more weeks until I go up to Seattle for my pre-op. I still haven't heard back from my dentist or surgeon regarding the need of a bone graft or not. I am still hoping that they will be able to put my implants in during surgery, but hopefully I find out before my pre-op. I'm just starting to plan my jaw surgery supplies.

For those that have had their jaw surgeries already, where did you buy/get your "jaw bra"?


  1. Hey! I just watched your YouTube videos.

    It sounds like you are absolutely making the right decision by going with the surgeon in Seattle. This is too big of a procedure to go with a surgeon who is just aiming for "okay," and not "perfect." The jaw joint is SUCH a complex thing, and if there is any problem with your upper jaw, only doing your lower jaw could mean major problems later. If there's any hint that you would benefit from doing both jaws, then that's absolutely what you should be doing. Recovery is going to be tough either way, so why not get it all over with at the same time? This is the kind of surgery you want to get done right the first time.

    In my case, if only my lower jaw was done, sure I would no longer have an underbite. But I would have a really flat face (I also have an underdeveloped upper jaw). Cosmetically, it wouldn't be ideal, and medically/health-wise, I might develop more serious joint inflammation and pain and breathing problems later in life.

  2. I order my jawbra from